Attorney Activity

Data Protection Law

• Medical Information: Doctor's Practices, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical industry, Insurance. Medical research, statistics
• Auditing. Tax consultancy
• Credit institutions, credit bureaus; bank secrecy, credit scoring, combating money laundering
• Corporate acquisitions, mergers, split-offs, transfers of operations, outsourcing, due diligence examinations
• In-company telephone and email surveillance
• Surveillance by video technology
• Cross-border data transmissions; solutions through party agreements
• Professional secrets, business secrets
• Processing of personal data by public authorities, e. g. by the police

Negotiations with supervisory authorities; court proceedings. Lectures / seminars


Constitutional Law

• Equal treatment; fair competition
• Freedom of trades and professions; guarantee of property
• Religious freedom. Church tax
• Constitutional Complaint

Civil Service Law as Related to Universities and Medical Schools/Hospitals

Environmental and Planning Law

• Licensing and checkups under the German Federal Immission Control Act;
• Water law and law relating to waste
• Decontamination of soil and ground water
• Cooperation with technical experts; concepts to be discussed with the authorities; public law contracts
• Planning of traffic routes, in particular roads